About Us

When Dedicated Servers first formed, the anonymity of their music group’s name sparked speculation behind its true meaning. Particularly, some questioned just exactly how “dedicated” they were to their craft.

Nine years later, MCMD and DTF (Dave the Fave, formerly peanut) continue, unintentionally, to live the definition of dedication. In an age where more than few musicians strive for instant gratification rather than longevity, the high school friends continue to maintain their pen game through countless songs and collaborations, whether cooperatively or individually. Aside from MCMD and DTF’s personal lives and their collaborative music efforts, they have expanded their repertoire into DJ’ing various events (particularly weddings) and establishing themselves as solo artists. DTF even released his own solo project, but the two have assured that Dedicated Servers shall continue to create the finest hip hop music Boise has ever heard.

The best way to describe the Dedicated Servers sound is to take the music of A Tribe Called Quest, Atmosphere, Kanye West, Postal Service, De La Soul, Eminem, Nujabes, and Clipse, and throw them in a blender. Taking cues from their local peers, they have refined their traditional hip hop sound to something a little more melodic.

After releasing a number of projects and a few solid EPs and albums, Dedicated Servers are preparing “Bryan Taylor” for the world. The peculiarly-titled album is their most honest to date, with all production handled by themselves, but with of course, the aid of some of their talented friends they’ve made along their journey.

In a genre where selling dope is respected, the Dedicated Servers create to sell hope. Hope for those searching, whether it’s true love or good grades or victory or the light at the end of the tunnel or whatever. The world is a struggle, and for many, there are few places to go when it feels like everything is crashing. The DS strive to be a testament that through persistence, patience, and perseverance, anybody can take ownership of their situation and make something better of it.

Dedicated Servers have opened shows for Lupe Fiasco, Schoolboy Q, Brother Ali, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Dessa, Mega Ran, Turbo T. Double, and many more. They have expanded their local collaborations from the hip hop sounds of Oso Negro to the synth-happy grooves of Dirty Moogs, and have shared their live performances beyond their hometown of Boise, ID to Oregon, California, Utah, and Minneapolis. Dedicated Servers look forward to visiting more cities to share their ideas, and of course to the next beloved Treefort Music Festival in their hometown.