What Are You Listening to?

When you are into music that isn’t normally played on the radio, it can sometimes be difficult to find new bands who are actually good. We all have our go-to sources but most of the time it comes down to word of mouth. As a fan and as a friend, I feel it is my duty to spread the word about music I love. This begs the question: what am I listening to?

“SPOOKY LANGUAGE (EP)” by Palmer Squares came out May 08 2012 and is possibly the greatest album you can get for free right now (donations accepted). For a band I had never heard of and only discovered through www.bandcamp.com I was blown away at how good this album is. I seriously love every song on here. With such creative lines as “Another late night, Feeding the Mogwais, Eager to watch the new season of mob wives” you can’t help but love this album. Palmer squares consistently show originality and creativity throughout their lyrics. If you are a fan of hip hop and can keep an open mind I suggest you check this one out and throw some cash their way while you are at it.