Cold Drink on a Hot Day

One of our good friends Customary just came out with a new free album called “Cold Drink on a Hot Day”. I have been listening to it in my car the last couple days and I have to say I really dig it. Customary un-apologeticly raps about growing up, getting into hip hop, looking for the right girl and the importance of Jesus in his life. As someone who isn’t religious at all i was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this album. Customary delivers his message in such an honest intelligently fun way that you can’t help but relate to him. Honestly it is this kind of story telling and heartfelt look into a persons life that got me into hip-hop in the first place. Although Cold Drink on a Hot Day could be considered “soft” in some circles it truly is an album you could share with anyone and enjoy. It’s free and easy to get so why not give it a listen.  -MCMD