Treefort Music Fest!

We are so honored to be chosen to be part of the Treefort Music Fest in March. There will be so much wonderful music coming to Boise and so much from local musicians already here that even being able to go is something to look forward to. Now that we have been chosen we are so excited to share our music and live show with all the Treefort fans that will be in attendance for this March festival. A big thanks goes out to the people behind the scenes doing all the work to bring all this music to the people, and to all the bands partaking in the shows. A big thanks to all the fans as well and we personally will see you March 24th at the Reef with Vokab Kompany, Oso Negro, Charles Engels and The Family Matters! I am sure we will see you one of the other nights too so make sure to come say hello!

Click the picture below to get more info on the festival, the other acts, and where to get your pass!