Shirts and Music Forever.

Hello, Kyle here.

First I want to say how much fun I personally had at our friend Oleks Birthday Roast at the Liquid Saturday night. There were so many old friends there, in town for Thanksgiving, and they all came out to see Olek, and a lot of people who we see all the time came out too, and I was just living it up walking around shaking hands and raking in mustache compliments. The Liquid was PACKED too, Olek really brings them out now making a name for himself doing stand up comedy around town. MCMD anxiously paced the place, not talking, nervously breathing into his hands, as he was performing solo that night because Dave was in Payette for Old School Hip Hop night DJing. When Matt did get up on stage to perform with the help of DJ Spastik in the back scratching, we all agreed that he held things down really well on his own. He got the chance to do a few different songs, and he was able to share his music when there was no one busy on stage telling sixth grader joke and undressing on stage. Fun night.

Sunday we wished MCMD’s brother off back to Cali by enjoying an early breakfast at The Capri downtown, then Matt and I headed to Starbucks to start working on DS stuff. Spastik ended up meeting us there, as the day slowly progressed the most work we got done looking at girls, and I got a good rundown of ALL the different types of EDM(Electronic Dance Music). We did set a reminder to remind ourselves that tomorrow(yesterday) that we need to get DS shirts made for all our fans/friends. And we did! Yesterday! They are now up on a very user friendly site where you can choose the designs we have up, choose your size, and choose the color tee you want it on. You can pay with card or PayPal. We have just a basic DEDICATED. one, our black and white DS logo ones, and the new ones that Pickle of Ghostpickle designed and HIVS colored in 5 different styles! Just click the picture below to start shopping!

Also now all the tracks off of Samurai Servers is on Youtube for your listening and sharing pleasure! Go start at our YouTube Channel to find all those tracks there on the you tubes.

Always remember to stay posted on our Facebook page or our Twitter page for up to the minute posts on what is happening in the world of Dedicated Servers.

Thanks again friends! Bye