Thank you x infinity

What’s up world! Dave here!

First off big thanks to our manager Kyle for keeping things in order here on the site. Because of my ever-increasing forgetfulness as well as mine and MCMD’s busy schedules, we’ve appointed Kyle to keep you all up-to-date on our happenings. I love connecting though so I try to make a post at least every once in awhile so I can maintain the connections w/ you! Kyle’s a busy dude too, so we’re glad we have him to help us w/ stuff!

This past week was one of the funnest ones we’ve ever had! We were so fortunate to be blessed w/ so many opportunities. I DJ’d in Ontario for the Nightmare Before New Year’s Halloween party, the DS performed Halloween night at the Red Room, I DJ’d for Letto Designs‘ grand opening, we were invited to sit in on our friend DJ Jason D.’s live radio show The Wreck as well as be interviewed and perform, and we traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to perform for the Self Help Tour alongside C-Crime, Malevolent MC, Kublakai, 7-11, Pigpen, Grits Green, and Broke MC! WOW!

A lot has happened and all I could think about was how I just wanted to thank you; each and every person who was at one of these events or helped us book it or spread the word about it or put us up for lodging – just anyone and everyone that was part of our lives this past couple of weeks – THANK YOU! Every experience is a lesson and it’s been an absolute pleasure meeting new friends and seeing familiar ones. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We had a wonderful time!

Fortunately, our work is not over! New music is being worked on, and we have a few more events coming up. We’ve been super lucky to be invited to open for our good friend Exit Prose who will be having a CD release party for his brand new project “Sensational Woes“! This event will be occurring Thu. Nov. 17 and I really hope some of you can make it to the Reef to be part of it! Exit Prose is an incredible MC and he deserves your presence…please attend and say hi to us (and of course, rock with us)! Also opening up the show are our good friends Percussive Tongues! It’s shaping up to be a dang good night!

MCMD and I will both be performing on Nov. 26 but separately. Our pal Olek is commanding a comedy show @ Liquid and will feature MCMD along with Art Maddox as musical guests! I’m so sad I will miss it, but I will be DJ’ing an old-school hip hop party at Sundance Saloon in Payette that same evening!

A couple more shows are in the works, and we’ll let you guys know about those as we get more details!

Our radio appearance on Radio Boise‘s The Wreck is downloadable here. In it are some songs off of our new project Samurai Servers as well as an exclusive freestyle! Again, major shouts to our friend DJ Jason D. for inviting us to the show and showing us a good time!

Until then, I just wanted to fill you all in and thank you again for continuing to give us your support and staying by our side. It all means so much to us. Whether you have or haven’t, please come see us at one of our upcoming events. If you can’t, at least friend us on Facebook or keep in touch w/ us through here so that we can maintain contact! Thank you again and I will check in w/ you guys another time! Ciao!