Kyle here, just wanted to express our thanks for everyone last night. It was such a fun Halloween night at the Red Room with Big Digits from Boston, the DS, and one half of Owlright. Big thanks to Eric of Finn Riggins for suggesting the show and setting us up with Big Digits and getting us in contact with everyone. Big thanks to Keesha of Red Room for organizing everything, and putting on such a fun night, and hosting the costume contest.

We all enjoyed each others music, got the chance to meet new people, and over all had a blast dancing and performing. I personally enjoyed dancing with various people and creatures in costumes to the DJ styles of Geoff of Owlright. Big thanks to all our friends and fans that came out last night to enjoy the show as well, it would have been nothing without you, and it ended up being such a great turn out.

Don’t forget to keep check on our Facebook for everything coming up in the near future!