Halloween + Letto Designs

Last night a crew of us went out to Ontario, Oregon to go see Dave DJ at Nightmare Before New Years put on by ProCard Entertainment. We enjoyed ourselves with good dancing to some good tunes, all dressed up in the spirit of Halloween.

Tomorrow night, actual Halloween night, the Dedicated Servers have a show at Red Room, with others like Big Digits, and Ben Mansion. With costumes and everything it should be a fun night filled with good music. Find more info on the FaceBook event page for the show.

Thursday night Dave is DJing the Grand Opening for Letto Designs. Nicolet has moved into a new office right above old Chicago downtown and would like to invite people to come meet her, see her work and see her new work space, to the DJ stylings of Dave.

We have other things coming up very soon over the next weeks and months, and as details get confirmed we will let everyone know what to expect! Until then check out some costume photos below from last night of Dave, HAV, and Jordan.

Kyle out!