‘So Many Futures’

Kyle here, just wanted to let everyone know what to expect in the near future from the Dedicated Servers.

First Dave is DJing in Ontario, Oregon Saturday night the 29th at Nightmare Before New Years. I personally am going to dress up and go, along with HAV and our good friend Jordan, and possibly others. Sadly MCMD has to work that Saturday and early that next morning so he will not be in attendance(unless that changes). Should be a fun and interesting night, and will be fun to get away for a night and a day and crash in Ontario. Maybe we will have to go visit Oso and his cats.

Then on the actual night of Halloween, that Monday night, they have a show at the Red Room, with Big Digits, Art Fad, and Benny Mansion. Should be a good night, a fun show with new partners to perform through the night with. Come see what MCMD and Dave dress up as that night. Find more information about the event here.

Then November 4th the Dedicated head to Salt Lake City, Utah to perform for a show along side Mc Pigpen and others as they head off on tour. Should be a really good experience to perform for a new and different crowd, plus it will be nice to meet some new musicians down in SLC, and enjoy their scene while the DS are there. Here is the info on that show.

Later in the month we are in the works of being in a half comedy, half music show here at the Neurolux, but no definitive plans yet.

Also the newest project Samurai Servers is completed and is just getting the final touches so it can be released out to our much loved fans! Stay tuned for that!

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