Kyle Here!

Hello DEDICATED fans!

Kyle here again, I just wanted to share a few photos that I took of the band last night. I arrived late and missed Owlright’s set as well as Oso’s set because I had to put my little toddler to bed but did get the chance to sneak out after he crashed out in time to catch a good half of Man Mantis’ set. I really enjoyed it, especially the tracks he ended with like the one that sampled that ‘Over the Rainbow’ song and the one sampling the Beatles song. Anyways, the Dedicated Servers went on after and I got the chance to use my new fish eye lens attachment for my iPhone to take a few pics of them(and by ‘a few’ I mean hundreds). I was just experimenting, but I enjoyed the way a few of them came out(you can click them to enlarge them). I wanted to share them, but you can go ‘like’ them on Facebook too, here.