Thank you Nampa!

First and foremost though, huge thanks goes out to the Nuckle Dusters; they have all been so nice and so supportive of us and invited us to perform alongside them in Nampa @ Overflow Bar. We had a good time and are super thankful we got to meet these dudes! If you see that they have an upcoming show nearby, definitely get out there and party w/ them, they pack tons of fun and energy in their shows! It was super fun for MCMD and I to join them on stage and do a little freestyle too!

Thanks to everyone at Overflow Bar as well as all the nice people we met: Trevor, Mike, David, Michael, Nate, and a few others who I apologize for not listing because I forgot your names already! Please understand I work at a coffeeshop and I have a ton of names logged into my head so I often get lost in them! But still it was fantastic to meet you all and I hope that you will stay in touch w/ us through this site as well as through Facebook and/or Twitter (link to the right)!

Tomorrow we will be releasing  visuals for a new song (aided on the beats by our good friend Lojic) that is absolute heat. The song will not be featured on any projects but will be its own single. We will provide it as a download early next week so stay tuned. Until then, get a glimpse into it by checking out this old video we shot earlier this year. Good day everybody!