Thank you! & New Show Added for 08.27.11!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to send a huge thank you to everybody that came out to support us at the Linen Building as well as all the performers! Special shouts to Spastik, HAV!, MCMD, Kyle, Caitlin, Mirko, Julie, Andrew McBride, Trinidad, Nichole, Amanda, Noy, Michelle, Doug, Steve, Jennifer, Cody, Bobby, Clint, Pete, and the beautiful foreign girl from my math class and her husband (I dunno how to spell your name and don’t wanna mess it up).  It truly was fantastic to see you and to meet all the new friends we met! We will definitely see you again!

Before I go to bed, just want to let you all know that we were fortunate enough to be invited to perform alongside Nuckle Dusters in Nampa tomorrow evening! Endlessly thankful for these opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere, thank you to Nuckle Dusters! We will be performing at Overflow Bar at 8p so if you’re around, come say hi! Nampa, we’re looking forward to seeing you! Goodnight!