Bring it to the Stage Competition!

What’s up everybody, it’s peanut! Thank you so much to everybody who has checked our new site so far, and welcome to everybody who hasn’t!

Just wanted to remind you all that we will indeed be performing tomorrow evening at Linen Building in the Bring it to the Stage competition against three other acts (Nuckle Dusters, 33 Deep, and The Arcadians – click their respective names to check out their sounds). If we win (victory depends on crowd votes…that’s you!) we will succeed to the final round of the competition which will take place mid-September.

If you’ve nothing to do, we would love to see you, not just to get your vote, but just to have fun and rock with you! It’s the first weekend of school so come release your stress and rock out! It shall go down 8p!

Also, earlier in the day, BSU will be hosting an event called Diversity Day Defined, which will feature our pals from the CoaliSion dance crew as well as our good friend Eleven! A little birdie tells me that we may be making an appearance w/ Eleven, and you KNOW that will be a good time! So go check that out too, it’s at 11a at BSU! (For more info on this event, click here)

I just got out of a Case Study for World Cycle w/ our friend Nicolet; I was fortunate to be able to help them out with sound! It was an awesome time and I had fun listening to Glenn explain his design process/strategy and meeting Tom and introducing him to the Bacon restaurant downtown! And of course meeting everyone else I met. So thankful for all these opportunities! We look forward to meeting more fun new people tomorrow at the events as well as seeing old faces! Have a good night everyone, and conquer your Fridays tomorrow w/ a smile and energy!